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Help out at this event outside of the NRA Annual Meeting, Indianapolis April 26, 2014

I’ve been asked to pass the information below along to anyone who plans on attending the NRA Annual Meeting that is being held in Indianapolis April 26th 2014.

My wife and myself will be attending and I hope you will join us.


Moms With Guns Demand Action(MWGDA) and Gun Rights Across America (GRAA) are hosting a Safety and Self-Protection Showcase in Indianapolis, IN on April 26, 2014.

Armed Moms and Dads United to Protect: Our Children, Our Families, Ourselves, Our Country, and Our Liberty

We will be meeting outside the front doors of the Indianapolis Convention Center across the street @ The Convention Center Plaza during the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits Event. We will have speakers sharing their stories about how being armed saved their lives and how not being armed put their lives in danger. We still have room for speakers!!! Email ASAP if you’d like to share your story at this event.

It has been said that “Moms will be the ones to bring Gun Sense to America.” We couldn’t agree more!!!! Armed Moms and Dads across this nation are sick and tired of the liberal gun grabbing lobby’s efforts to disarm our Nation and make everyone victims, dependent on the government for protection. We will stand united and stand strong in defense of the 2nd Amendment, Constitutional Carry Nation Wide, of children’s rights to attend school protected by trained armed guards, and the inalienable right to self-protection everywhere we go in this Nation (i.e. the END of Gun-Free Killing Zones.)

Join us at this GREAT event and also take advantage of the amazing Exhibits and Events the NRA has to offer. See this link for NRA Registration and Event Information

(LOCATION: The Convention Center Plaza is a Green Belt located directly above the Capital Commons Parking Garage. We will be setting up a table and hosting our speakers on the Green Belt.)


1) SIGNS! We are allowed to carry signs. I encourage you to make signs calling for the End of Gun-Free Killing Zones, signs that say Guns Save Lives, signs that say End Violent Crime/Arm Law Abiding Citizens!, etc. We are NOT allowed to affix signs in any way to public property but we hold our signs.

2) PERSONAL STORY! Write a personal story of how being armed has protected you or your loved ones and/or how NOT being armed has put or your loved ones in harms way. Gun Grabbers are going to be hosting speeches by “victims of gun violence” calling for invasive unconstitutional background checks, gun control laws, and gun confiscation measures. We know we have the answer to protecting American Citizens and it is NOT to punish law abiding gun owners. Bring your speeches and be ready to speak! Make sure to email Kathy @ if you plan to speak so I can put you on the speaking agenda. Make your speech between 2-5 minutes in length.


4) DRESS FOR THE WEATHER (Check local forecast)

5) GUNS! Indiana Handgun License Notes

1. Indiana recognizes handgun carry permits from every state and foreign country, but only as long as the person holding the permit is not a resident of Indiana.
2. Anyone not residing in Indiana but has a place of business in Indiana is eligible to receive a license; the requirements are the same as they are for those who do reside in Indiana.
3. When carrying within the state of Indiana on an out of state permit, the permittee must carry in accordance with the terms of the permit; for instance, if the permit says “concealed handgun permit,” then it must be concealed. If it simply says license to carry handgun, it can then be carried either openly or concealed.

Message Kathy Perkins at

GRRN shuts down February 28

GRRN shuts down February 28

This is to notify all of you that the Gun Rights Radio Network will be shutting down permanently February 28th 2014.

Would just like to thank all the podcasters who put in so much time to support and promote the network.

Also thanks to all the great listeners who have supported the network all these years, it was so appreciated and made a lot of great friends.

So what does this mean:

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